Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Movers came

We'll three men and a truck showed up at our house around nine this morning. We were told they would pick up our stuff some time between the 12th to the 14th. We are happy they came sooner rather then later because I think it will be a lot easier to be with out all our stuff in South Carolina then in Michigan.
It was weird while they were packing all of our stuff up we were just hanging out. Delilah didn't seem weirded out that there were three men in our house taking all of our belongings she just wanted to watch them. We went to our friends house for a while though just to get out of their way. (thanks Angel)
It's company policy that they won't pack any aerosol cans, cleaning supplies, or open glass bottles containing liquid. We kinda knew that but I pushed my luck and just left items behind hoping they would pack them up anyway. I was wrong they stuck to their guns and told us they would have to be left behind. With that being said Collin offered them to the guys helping us move. It was funny to see one mover going through my glass bottles of oils and vinegars (balsamic, white, red wine, rice wine, & apple cider, I didn't realize I had so many until today) I think he was looking for something a little stronger especially since we keep them all high above the sink, but he still took them all.

We have very few belongings, we have done that on purpose. Recently we have thrown stuff out or donated it. That being said I think that the men are paid hourly because any Elders Quorum would have put them to shame. Both Collin and I got the feeling they were stretching out the job just a little. I'm sure our Elders Quorum didn't mind though I think our ward will have had almost 11 move outs by the end of the summer. It was okay though they were nice enough guys and didn't mind Delilah watching them and us sitting on our butts looking helpless. I don't think they minded taking their time either especially after we told them they could have free range on all the Pepsi Wade left in our fridge.
So there goes all of our stuff right there in that truck. It's kinda weird to watch it all drive away with some strangers.

Oh we are also having our car shipped to Michigan for us so we don't have to drive it. We were told they would pick it up between the 13th and the 15th. Right when the movers were finishing up they called and said they were in Charlotte and could pick it up tonight. So around 4 all our belongings drove away, then around 7 our car joined them.
It's going to be a weird week. I will post pictures a little later of our living conditions, they are pretty funny. This week will be the adventure before the adventure.


grandma blair said...

WOW!! all in one day, that is amazing. So glad you have lots of friends to help you out while you are still in SC. I am so excited to hear about your new place. MICHIGAN
here we come!!

Anna said...

wow is right. that's crazy, good luck. Your car looks really clean, like wade was in town or something. :) I hope you make it, good thing you have your lap tops. :)

Matt Linder said...

They looked shifty. Are you sure they were the movers and no the "movers"?

Gabby said...

What a nice way to move!
My family moved across country often... and it was very stressful and time consuming and we had to worry about this and that. You guys did it right!
Good luck with everything!!!!
We are going to miss you here in SC. Good thing we are blog friends so we can stay in touch :)

Eve said...

Did I know you were a wagon mommy? We bought ours when Wren was 5 months old and I will be sad if our family outgrows it someday.

Mary Lou said...

It really seems real now that you're moving. I hope you don't get too bored this week. Awesome way to move - it takes some of the stress out of it all. Delilah is a trooper, she's seems to take it all in stride.

Lauren and Carter said...

So now that you're totally bored, you're going to take millions of pictures and blog tons right?

red said...

I hated the week the movers came. we didn't have to sit around without our stuff at all, though. It will be fun for you. I hope you guys enjoy your little adventure. I'm sad you don't have your car but I'm so so happy that you get to fly instead of drive with a 2 yr. matter how cute she is!!! Good luck. I'm super excited for all your new changes...and your wedding band is awesome.

Callie said...

so eve gave me your blog becuase we are moving TO SC, (we were basically roommates in college with Deanne) in the next 2 months! how expensive and easy was the allied movers? i'm curious, because that is what we are looking into, and your car? how did you like it there? i'm totally scared, we're moving to charleston area.. anyway, if you wouldnt mind, e-mail me or go to my blog at thanks!