Sunday, May 23, 2010

My new kitchen and it's issues

I really am hoping this is our last apartment. Really really hope this is our last apartment.
Here is my new kitchen. It has a decent layout, probably the best layout out of our previous apartments. I'm just not exactly sure why the cabinets are so incredibly sucky.
For example this is the width of ALL the drawers.
We have to keep our silverware sideways in a cupboard.
and the cupboards aren't big.
and yes choosy mom's do choose JIF.
All the lower cabinets have a pull out slide thing. It makes it so you can't put anything wide or tall in any of them. I can't even fit all my spices on one shelf, I have to put the tall ones in a drawer.
This apartment does have redeeming qualities. We get to paint :) So hopefully after a trip to IKEA for organizing stuff and some paint I will be happier with our new (and hopefully last) apartment.
Oh and did I mention that oven is probably older than me? OLDER THAN ME!!!


grandma blair said...

The best thing about it is when all of the cupboards are closed, it looks really nice.

Anna said...

so that's the exact same as our townhouse. all of it. it was really weird and annoying. ours were covered in a mucky sort of dust/oil and stuck to pull them out was a lot of work.

Anna said...

but you have more spices than i have clothes! that's amazing!

Eve said...

Yeah, that is a lot of spices! Maybe you could buy a couple smaller empty containers so you can put all your spices together and store the bigger containers up high? I don't know if you could fit in smaller ones either, though, that is a lot of spices.

Totally lame how tiny your drawers are. I have seen individual flatware containers that you hook together for smaller drawers. I feel like it was even at Ikea?

I can't wait to see what you do with the place. Painting goes such a long way.

red said...

Go to or Target. They have a lot to help with weird shapes. That's nuts. do you have an island in your kitchen? These people I know just bought one of those giant utensil holders (like for all the giant spoons etc.) it had a lot of compartments so they used that for their silverware. Your apartment wasn't built for trips to Costco :) Good luck. Your stove looks pretty nice, though!!! More photos :)