Thursday, May 20, 2010

settling in

  • Our stuff is here and unpacked, it's not all put away but at least it's out of all the boxes.
  • I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight.
  • We won't be watching TV for a while because our TV isn't working. (It was broken before we moved, but works if you have it hooked up to cable, but we have made the conscious decision to go with out cable, so we need to get an adaptor to fix it. ) but it doesn't matter because the weather has been so nice lately.
  • I'm sitting on my old crappy couch.
  • We are going couch shopping/ browsing tomorrow. (Collin wants to wait until all the Memorial Day sales happen. Just in case we can get a free TV out of it. You know since we only have one in our home.)
  • I hate the person who designed our kitchen cabinets. It was obviously done by someone who hasn't spent more than 10 minutes in a functioning kitchen, and I'm going to be sexist and say it was probably a man, and I hate that man. (I'm pretty sure there will be an entire post dedicated to this hate so prepare yourself for that.)
  • We haven't had our Internet hooked up yet, but Collin's computer can connect to an unsecured network. For some reason my laptop refuses to connect to it.
  • I haven't been taking too many pictures, but there are some, and they will be posted when my computer can once again connect to the Internet.
  • Delilah is doing well, I know everyone is wondering. She was a little on the neglected side today but I can't imagine her doing any better than she is doing. She is so excited to have her bed and toys back. In fact she napped in her bed with about 25 toys.

Thanks for all the support and prayers during this move, we needed them and could feel them. I feel like our entire lives have changed in all of 4 days and it has created more stress than I care to admit.

Thanks for the support, I'll keep you updated on our adventures.


Anna said...

sounds stressful, and exciting. Thanks for the update

Angel said...

I'm so glad all is well. I'd love to see this crazy kitchen!

red said...

Thanks for the update. Miss you and hope it will go well...which it will. Go find Target you'll feel better :)

grandma blair said...

So glad you got all of your stuff, and your car before Collin started work. Hope the unpacking goes well.