Saturday, June 26, 2010

Because we are cool, and we can

Today we went to Canada, mainly just because we can.
It's about a 45 minute commute from our home and since we got a new car this week (well new to us, which I will blog about soon) we felt like going on a road trip.
We got Delilah a passport when we were still planning on going to China, so another reason to go was for Delilah to have her first International experience.
This is Collin showing how we were going to hand our passports to the border guy in a slick and cool way. A way that says we are so cool we are "organized"! (PS do you see D's passport picture, isn't it adorable?) Collin and I have not driven to Canada since it required a passport and the only time we have had to show our passports it's been a pretty big deal. You know they take it, eye yah, scan it, stamp it, staple some papers in it and after a painful moment they finally send you on your way. The guy in the booth on the way into Canada didn't even take his feet off his desk.
Collin went to hand him the passports and he said without taking the passports,
"why do you have 3?"
"we have our two year old in the back seat"
"why are you coming to Canada?"
"just a day trip to look around."
with a small chuckle... "go on through"

We should have taken that as a hint. There's not much in Windsor Canada, we drove around for a while looking for something. . . you know Canadian. We eventually went to a mall that was nothing special. We looked for a bite to eat and as pathetic as it is we ate at KFC in the food court because they had poutine, our favorite Canadian snack. We were going to shop around the mall a little more but for some reason everything closed at 6, those weird Canadians.

We eventually went to the riverside park, where there is a walkway along the Detroit River and kids playground. You can see in the picture across the river is Detroit.

Delilah was getting worn out and sick of getting in and out of the car so like the losers we are we went home after our small day trip to Canada. We didn't buy anything, we didn't go out to eat, we just drove to Canada.... to drive around Canada, oh and eat some KFC poutine.

To make our night even cooler we swung by the grocery store to get food for dinner tomorrow, not grocery shopping like we need to do just enough for dinner tomorrow. You know because we live on the edge like that, one day at a time and visiting far off exotic places.
To end our night off we put D to bed, sliced up some watermelon and watched some 48-hour murder mystery. When you are cool that's what you do.


Collin Shaw said...

The interesting thing is that Canada is South of us. So we went south of the border today.

Anna said...

that is cool. i'd probably go to canada too, just because. i need to get a passport when i come see you so i can go to canada too. :)
and i didn't know it was south of the border. that is cool

Taylor said...

Poutine! So jealous! Not fair! I bet it was amazing.

Lauren and Carter said...

I love the cool and slick way you had the passports ready. When I went to France, I went into Switzerland, Italy, and an island off the coast of Spain....not one little stamp. I was all excited to have my passport all filled up but they barely looked at it and waved me through.
Man - international experience as a 2-year-old. So cool. :)

red said...

You guys will always be the coolest. what the crap is poutine?