Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A funny story

Remember this picture?
It's from when our car was being transported to Michigan. Our car beat us there so we had to find a place to park it until we could pick it up. We were lucky enough to be able to leave it at the RS president's house. Last week at church her husband came up to us and told us about when the transporter dropped off our car.
He said the man was very nice and good at what he does. He told him that while he was bringing the cars up he went through a terrible hail storm, and some of the hail was pretty big. He said the entire time he was driving he wasn't thinking about the Lexus or the more expensive cars on the truck. He was worried about the old Audi on the bottom, because when he was loading it up all the owner said was. "It's not much, but it's paid for."
Come to find out all those really nice cars that were above ours had pretty sizable dents all over them from the hail, our car didn't have a single one.
I just thought that was one more story to add to our adventure to Michigan.

PS: Speaking of cars we are trying really hard to find a second car for our family right now. D and I are going crazy being home all day long, and I mean ALL DAY long. We are hoping to have one by the end of the week, wish us luck.


Lauren and Carter said...

Oh goodness - good luck! I hate car shopping. And I evidently did not succeed at my only experience, because Carter curses my car daily and plans to replace it at the earliest possible convenience. :)
ps I liked that story!

Mary Lou said...

Loved the story - another blessing for you guys. You're a trooper Michelle. I'm sure you're going stir crazy and I hope you get a car soon too!!

red said...

Good luck. Being stuck at home SUCKS. And i'm glad that man was nice enough to think of your awesome car. Just once take him to work and go play all day with D. Just do it :)