Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Couch

When we went shopping for sofa's I knew I needed something that was to be kid proof. But I kept falling in love with fabric sofa's that were not kid friendly. The first set I fell in love with was white (I know I'm an idiot) but it was beautiful and my taste and even below our budget (there is no picture because they were discontinued, so just imagine in your mind the most beautiful white couch in the world). The second sofa I fell in love with was this one below it came in three different colors this "spice" color, a "chocolate" and a "sage" one. They were simple, with clean lines, and with in our budget. I wanted them so bad... so bad.
Then Collin reminded me of this.
In fact while we were looking at the above pictured sofa set Delilah got her sticky fingers all over it (they had complimentary candy and popcorn) and it made spots on it. Spots I'm thinking won't come out easily.
So we went with the responsible decision.
We got the sofa pictured above with a matching chair. They are okay I just don't like how over sized the arms are. The couch is long enough that Collin can lay down on it and not have to bend his knees, which was one of our requirements. It's really comfortable and seems to be built sturdy.
The main advantage is that Collin and Delilah LOVE them especially the chair. Delilah Loves to climb all over it and she has claimed what was Collin's chair for herself.
I wasn't convinced we had made the right decision until the next day when Delilah's sippie broke opened spilling red crystal light all over it, and I just wiped it off. Then a few minutes later I sat down and realized there was a sticky hand print on the arm of the chair, which also wiped up easily. Delilah climbs all over these things all day long and who knows what's on her hands. If we had of gone with my decision they already would have been ruined, can you imagine if I had
brought home the white set. I'm happy we went with the leather (well leather/polyurethane).

One day I'll have a white couch, but that day isn't today, and it probably isn't soon.


Mary Lou said...

Smart move on the black leather couches. We had creme and taupe striped furniture when our kids were little. It didn't stay clean. There will be a time for white and impractical - but you made the perfect choice now!! We're thrilled you got new furniture!!

Anna said...

i currently have cream/white couches.
(hand me downs) I've learned to take the slip covers off all the cushions and wash them. sucks though when you put the wrong slip cover on the wrong cushion, never looks right. I'm dying for my day when i get my red leather couches. one day....
She's adorable, and the furniture is a lot bigger than i though it was.

grandma blair said...

yeah for new couches! so glad you were able to buy some, Delilah looks like she is really enjoying them.

thomas said...

love the leather....totally kid prof!!!! and black 2 :)


dan said...

Boop we went with leather/pleather. Wouldn't have it any other way with Kids. They look good. Movin on up.

Betsy said...

Finally we have internet again! It is good to catch up and see all the fun stuff you guys have been up to. Looks like you are settling in nicely. Love that last picture of D, the super girl.

Lauren and Carter said...

Yeah your choice was a good one. I feel for you though - the one you have pictured that you didn't get is so beautiful!!! But unless you do not have any children, it just doesn't make sense to have the most beautiful couches in the world. But yay for new furniture and a cute little girl!