Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Am I glowing?

I remember one time in high school my friend Erik and I were driving somewhere and we saw a teenage girl who looked pregnant. I looked at him and said was she pregnant or just chubby? He so smartly replied "Is she glowing?" Little did either of us know most pregnant women don't glow, and if that young lady was pregnant she's probably like me and fits in the non-glowing category.

I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm still fighting fatigue and don't want to go near the kitchen, but I'm getting there. I'm thinking of making a bunch of freezer meals on a "good" day, so on days those days where the kitchen is a sea of nauseating smells we don't have to have little ceasars or chipolte (not that there is anything wrong with little ceasars or chipolte... except the calories, do yourself a favor don't google it).
The main reason I posted this picture though is to say: I'm lazy and think I'm just going to let it grow out.
As much as I loved my February hair cut, nothing beats a pony tail when you're pregnant. Also my flat iron is going out (after 8 years)and the one I want is 150 buck-a-roos, and there are quite a few things on my "want" list that are ahead of it. And to be honest it's not very hard to grow my hair out. Maybe I'll experiment on my natural curls and see if they still exist.
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Anna said...

you are amazing how fast your hair grows. I'm jealous! it looks great

Cindy said...

Looks cute! Plus I know from personal experience that your hair grows extra fast when pregnant :)

red said...

You are too glowing. and I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats Little Ceasars...A LOT. I love your hair. Don't cut it. I just cut mine and it drives me nuts I wish I could just pull my bangs up and put it in a pony tail. You hair looks great no matter what you do. I would love to see your curly locks. And Cindy...was that personal experience recently :)

Eve said...

1. You are definitely glowing. I don't know if I've ever really seen a pregnant woman glow before today.

2. Chipotle + Little Caesars = YUM.

3. I bought a Chi Nano for Mother's Day off ebay. It was brand new for $45. I don't know how they do it, but it is awesome and you should do a search for the one you want.

Michelle said...

Good Idea to look on ebay, I went and checked and they didn't have it :<
How is the chi treating you Eve, I might just go back to the chi instead of the super fancy one they use at my salon.

Mary Lou said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast your hair has grown. You look good. Hope you start feeling better soon.

grandma blair said...

hey maybe with long hair you can use that little hair thing I left with you:) I love your hair long, and I am very jelous that you can grow it out so fast. Costco has a flat iron that is really quite nice for about $35, I like mine. And by the way you do glow most of the time, pregnant or not. Love ya