Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review

The Time Traveler's Wife
by Audry Niffenegger
Delilah isn't the only one who has been reading a lot lately, mainly because I don't feel good enough to do much else. I started this 546 page book on Saturday night and finished in on Tuesday. It was page turner, that is at least for me it was. The writing was well done, although there were a few parts where I don't think the author did their research on a few subjects but all in all a really good book. It's about a man who has a condition causing him to spontaneously travels through time. He meets his wife as a young girl on his journey and the story is about their life together. So basically it's a sci-fi romance.

I did love this book and couldn't put it down but I was hesitant to blog about it for two reasons, there is a TON of sex (graphic) and a lot of swearing (mainly F word). I will admit that I have read books with swearing and sex in them before (The diary of Bridget Jones, Memoirs of a Geisha, Angela's Ashes) but this one takes the cake. I haven't seen the movie so when I looked it up on Netflix I was shocked to see it was only PG-13, they must have skipped a bunch of parts and cleaned up the language.

I really did love the story I fell in love with the characters and it didn't feel sci-fi at all to me as I was reading it. I always feel weird when I start reading a recommended book and it starts to turn dirty, I can't help but think "so and so" recommended this. So if you decide to read this book because I read it, know that I did read it and loved it, but I warned you, it's on the dirty side :)


Jody and Alex said...

they totally skipped a lot in the movie... I was a little taken back by the stuff in the book but still loved it and loved it way more than the movie.

Anna said...

i would just read it for the dirt. but that's me. :) I don't want to though because I hated the movie....sooooo boring. But probably because they skipped all the dirt. :) Maybe I'll read it

Cindy said...

I actually really liked the movie, but I did not have the book to compare it to. Rachel McAdams and the little girl who plays her as a child are both pretty adorable.