Thursday, July 8, 2010

ramblings of a pregnant woman

So I have been meaning to blog about my pregnancy and answer all the questions I keep getting asked, but I'm sick, so it will have to wait when I'm in a good story telling mood because it's a good story.

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant and so far these 11 weeks have been almost completely different than my first time around. I constantly had the car sick feeling with Delilah but this time around it's x's 10. I remember being tired with D but I have never been this exhausted in my entire life!! All I want to do is sleep, really, I'm not exaggerating, I literally just want sleep all day long. I guess when I was pregnant with Delilah I took full advantage of the being able to sleep whenever I wanted to, but I was still working part time and going to school. (I took a huge certification exam when D was 3 weeks old)

I didn't have cravings with D and smells didn't upset me until the third trimester. This time around I have been nauseated 24/7 along with cravings. It's the weirdest sensation to feel like at any moment you could throw up and know the only way to make that feeling go away is to eat something. One day all I wanted were chips and salsa, so I ran to the store and got them. The next day the smell made me want to puke (it still does). I had a HUGE salad one day with the works on it and got super sick after it and can't even look at a salad now. In fact there are a few things that when Collin eats them I have to go in the other room.

Tonight I may or may not have fallen victim to my own cravings, and may or may not have gone "shopping" at 7-eleven at 10:30 at night to get 4 dollars in junk. Some of my cravings have been orange juice, gummies, water, chocolate milk (just for a few days), oranges, skim milk, and cereal.
Things I don't want to touch and make my stomach churn just typing their names; olives, salad, ranch, tomato pasta sauce, meat (something I craved with D).

This pregnancy is already wearing on Collin, Delilah, and me. Hopefully all the bleh will end in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed, then maybe the blogging will pick up.


Taylor said...

I'm so sorry to hear it's so rough! :( I wish we were still in columbia together, we could sit around and eat candy. I'll be praying for you though! Miss you

Eve said...

I can't believe this pregnancy is so entirely different for you! I am sorry it is so much harder - I hope you start to feel better soon! 11 weeks isn't too early to hope!

red said...

If you have a sonic ANYWHERE near you go get some ice from them. Eating ice is majestic. just suck on a little until you don't feel like barfing anymore, then eat something cold like fruit or whatever you're craving (I made a 10:00 run for pace bars the other night.) then go to bed :) Sounds like a boy to me!!! Sorry you're so tired. remember that you're taking care of D AND a growing baby (and a husband) you have a lot more to be tired about. For me I would get sick as soon as I sat down, but if I stayed up too late I would get really sick. Take care of yourself and get a lot of rest, if you can. I hope you're sleeping well. Wish I could be there to make a late night popsicle run for you. Love you.

Jody and Alex said...

So sorry you are so sick. That is no fun at all. My pregnancy with E was so great that I am scared of what the next one will be like. I really hope you start feeling even a little better soon!

State of Grace said...

ugh. I'm sorry this pregnancy's been so rough so far! I definately understand the whole weird sensation of being nauseaus, but knowing that if you eat something, you'll feel better! it goes against every other time you've been sick in your life, but i guess for pregnancy, there are no rules.
Hang in there...I think my morning sickness disappeared around 14 weeks.
(also, I was starting to wonder if you were pregnant, since your blog wasn't being updated as much! haha)