Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sheets for D !!Updated!!

Ever since I saw this post on Made (my favorite craft blog) I have been dying to make D new sheets. Cute crib/toddler sheets are impossible to find and I don't think you can find top sheets for them.
The other day JoAnn's was having a big sale so I bought 4 yards of this cute pink polka dot. Last night I didn't feel completely terrible so after D went to bed I whipped her up some sheets. They probably only took an hour a sheet (most of the time spent ironing). I had the TV on while I was doing it, and had to take a cold cereal break, so I'm sure if I was 100% focused on it I could have been faster.
I am so happy with how they turned out!! I ran out of fabric for a pillow case so I still have that to do but it can wait.

Made has a tutorial for the fitted sheet and I winged the top sheet. Collin HATES top sheets but I LOVE them, so I wanted to make sure D got exposed to them at a young age so she can also fall in love with them :).
and she does!!
I'm tempted to make another set now, and I know as soon as we find out the gender of this baby I will be making a few crib sheets for him/her.

UPDATE: I've been asked by a lot of people How I did my flat sheet. I literally just winged it.
I took 2 yards of fabric ironed it nice and flat.
For the bottom of the sheet fold over 1/4 inch and iron then fold it again 3/4 inch then top stitched it. Make sure you catch the 1/4 inch that you folded over so you don't risk frays popping out.
For the sides:
Because I used the full 2 yards both sides of the sheet were selvage so I just folded them over a 1/2 inch and top stitched.
For the Top:
Fold over 1/4 inch, then 3 1/2 inches, top stitch over the top of the sheet and the folded over part making sure to get the 1/4 inch that is folded under so it won't pop out and fray.
Really the top sheet is just fold, iron, fold, iron, sew. Good luck!!


dana said...

cute! They turned out great. Thanks for sharing with me!
- Dana

Eve said...

I love the top sheet addition. And hello! You have a comment from DANA? How excited are you right now?

grandma blair said...

they are so cute, I love the polkadots.

Michelle said...

I know Eve!!! I'm a little star struck right now!! I put a link saying I made your tutorial in her comments and with in about 20 minutes she commented. She is so much cooler now!!

Betsy said...

Super cute Michelle. And don't you just love a good cold cereal break? That is all I lived on with Edders.

Cindy said...

I love that you can just "whip up" some new sheets late at night. Cute ones are hard to find!... at a good price anyway. These turned out really cute! Trying to make the fitted sheet would intimidate me though :)

Mary Lou said...

Who would have thought you could make sheets, and completely adorable ones too!! I'm impressed Michelle.

Suz said...

WOw- so cute!! Someday I hope to be crafty like you!!

Kim said...

Was wondering where you got 45" wide fabric..i bought 2 yards,like the original pattern called for, but it is regular quilters cotton, which is not that wide.
I even looked at seersucker, and that is not wide enough either.
before i start cutting, i was curious as to what kind/width of fabric you used? Thanks,Kim/Mi

Michelle said...

This fabric was just plain cheap cotton at Jo-Ann's. Sorry you are having a hard time finding fabric wide enough, I wish I could help more. Good Luck!

Brownesjr said...

Love the top sheet addition to Dana's fitted. I am off to make some Lightening McQueen sheets for my son for Christmas. I am so hoping the fabric is wide enough once I measure it out.
If not, I think I may just add a contrasting casing serged around the outside seam to make up the difference.