Friday, July 16, 2010


So I know when you are pregnant you have a lot of bad side effects morning sickness, loose joints, small bladder, heart burn, cramping, discomfort, swelling, bloating (you get the picture right).
Why then when you have a ton of miserable things happening to you do you have to also lose your mind. I remember before I was pregnant with Delilah I would hear people say that you are stupid when you are pregnant. I remember thinking that's just plain rude. Nope they weren't being rude they were telling the truth. I'm sure there is a good reason but I obviously can't explain it right now because I am pregnant and stupid.
I hate that it takes me twice as long to figure simple things out. I forget things, simple things! Once when I was pregnant with Delilah I was pulling out of auto zone in SLC and had to think "which lane do I drive in?" Seriously!! I'm surprised I didn't have to remind myself to breathe.
I haven't quite hit the stupid phase yet but I am entering the forgetful and cloudy zone. The picture above is Delilah's lunch. It was a grilled cheese sand which cooked on the George. I forgot about it. I've never seen anything burn on the George before, the bread felt like a brick and I don't even put butter on the bread, that is just burnt bread and cheese!
I feel bad at church too, because everyone introduces themselves and with in 5 minutes I've forgotten their name.
So wish me luck I still have 28 weeks left. (if my math is right, and there is a good chance it isn't)

I will try to stop posting exclusively about being pregnant, it's just is what is on my mind lately.
Anna keeps reminding me I still need to post about our car.


Anna said...

now you are just blaming everything on me to piss me off. Knock it off. :) Sorry about your burned cheese, so stupid, I'd never do anything like that. :)

Luke and Erin said...

Well, if you would really like to know there is a really real reason for being "stupid". A professor at WSU I was working with told me when you get preggers you grow "false" neurons in your brain. Well, that is great right? You would think growing more would be a good thing. Nope! For 2 reasons. The first is they are false, they are just short little stubby things. The second is that you don't grow any receivers. So they fire but go nowhere resulting in "stupidity" or as I always said forgetfulness! So there ya go. That is your medical lesson for the day!

red said...

I feel your pain. Except that I am 28 weeks instead of having 28 weeks to go. Feel free to hate me. :) My favorite is the "in the middle of a conversation at the grocery store with someone and my mind goes totally blank" side effect. It rocks. sorry you can't blame it on Delilah :)

grandma blair said...

Oh my, do you think it stays after you have six pregnancy s in a row? Maybe that is why I can't remember anything. Sorry Shell, Hope it gets better for you.