Tuesday, July 20, 2010

upcoming review...

CSN stores contacted me again and asked for me to do another product review on one of their bazillion products. I really do like their website and the fact they have everything from a bedroom vanity to flatware, both of which we need, I know we will find something we will love.

Since the move we are starting to realize there are a bunch essential and non essential items in our home that need replacing. I think it's saying something when Collin starts to notice we need new bedding and flatware.
I'm sure we can find something to splurge on at one of CSN's 200 + websites so stay tuned :).


red said...

I thought about you last night when I made steak. I wondered if you needed kosher salt and fresh peppercorns. I hope you're adjusting well and that you get to go spend some money :) I LOVE ross they have pretty much everything you could even need for pretty much cheaper than anywhere else...except Wal-Mart. That's where we got our silverware and dishes. Love you :)

grandma blair said...

Hope you get something fun. Can't wait to hear about your latest item.