Saturday, August 28, 2010

2007 Pacifica

Due to the fact that our families are "car" people they have been asking to see our new (to us) car. It took us a while to figure out which car to buy.
Collin of course suggested or wouldn't mind ...
But since those were a little out of our budget and I was thinking about car seats more than horse power we got this :)

Collin had just waxed her when I took the picture. This is our new (to us) 2007 Chrysler Pacifica V6 and 4.0 liter engine, touring edition.
So far she's been good to us. The only problem is there are a TON of them around us. Same color too. I was parked at the court house taking care of a ticket collin got for not having plates yet when I saw our car drive out of the parking lot. . . or so I thought. It has happened several times.
I hated the color when we first got it but it's growing on both of us. It hides dirt really well. It's called Magnesium pearl.
I am having a hard time getting use to front wheel drive as apposed to our all wheel drive. I like the all wheel drive more, but what do ya do. I might end up using the Audi a little more in the winter.
This helps us recognize it a little easier. It also makes sure that everyone at church knows where our loyalty lies.
Here are all the gadgets I don't use :) Collin does however love the auto shift stick. I like that for the first time in my life I'm now driving an automatic. I stopped stepping on the brake with my left foot after the first day I think.
See that giant console in the middle of the two middle seats? That's what makes it a "touring", oh and the wood paneling and the fact there are power adapters everywhere.
One of our favorite things about it though is that it seats SIX!! Which is nice when I go places with friends who have kids, we only need one car. Also all four seats lay down flat, along with a panel that folds over the middle two seats to cover the middle console so we can fit a TON of stuff in here.
I won't lie, it's taken me a while to get use to it. The first few weeks it felt like I was borrowing some mom's car, but I guess I'm a mom now so I need a "mom" car. It's also a lot bigger than our Audi so it's taken some time to get use to parking it and judging just how big it is.
Speaking of the Audi, it's a little difficult to go from German to American (and yes there is a difference) but I guess that's what happens when you start working for an American car company :).
PS:Collin has to park the Audi in an uncovered lot super far away because it is not a Chrysler, dodge, or jeep they call it "competitive parking". So I'm sure he will be more than happy to let me use the Audi on snowy days.

Oh and because I'm always curious how much people pay, and since I'm not embarrassed about it we paid $12,500 a lot cheaper than a van :)


red said...

Thanks! :) Now can I please have some pictures of the third row seating? I see them ALL over now. they look like a mini-mini van. Which is better than an actual mini-van...for me at least. :) I really would like to get one. Is it hard to access the back seat? So glad you got a nice "Mom" car. And it's only a tiny upgrade from your wagon anyway :) LOVE the license plate holder.

Anna said...

looks awesome. I need something with a third row.. . . . :) Enjoy. thanks for the pictures

Mary Lou said...

Very nice! It looks very spiffy for the photos. You guys made a great choice! How is the Audi running by the way? Nice plate holder too!

Cindy said...

Looks nice! And I think wagons have come into style now. I see them everywhere too. Looks roomy, and sounds like you got a really good price, like half of what we paid for our Sienna. The inside looks very similar to ours with the grey leather seats and the wood paneling.

mistychoate said...

NICE CAR!!! We had to get rid of the beetle and get a grown up car lol.

Miriam said...

Hi Michelle! Found your blog from Callie's. Very cute!!

Regina said...

Sweet ride!

Luke and Erin said...

That is a killer deal! but not much less than a van... we got our van for 13,000 ... 2008 chevy uplander! I just did a post about out sweet new ride too.

I feel the same way about driving a van- this must be someone mom-mobile! Welcome to motherhood, Erin, right?

have so much fun with it, YAY!

Andrea said...

Go Utes!!! What an excellent car for an excellent price. And yes you are a mom now so you are entitled to said mom car. :)