Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogger tip: Delayed Release

Here's a little secret of mine; I don't blog as often as you might think I do.
I have to be in a blogging mood and when that happens I'll blog about 2-3 posts at a time. When it comes to Delilah's blogs I tend to get phone calls and text messages if I slack on it, (like I go 4 days without posting).

So this trick saves me alot of time in the week.
I do my post as I would normally would then before I hit "publish post" I click "post options"

Here you can type in the date and time you want your post to be released.
Then hit "publish post"
cake right?
Happy Blogging.


Eve said...

I do the same thing - I made like 10 posts last week so we should be good for a month!

red said...

I appreciate you showing me this because I always think people will think I'm a brat or something if I post five posts in one day, and then I know they'll never see them all. I'm trying to get in the mood again. I get pretty mad if you go more than a day or so without updating. Jerk huh ? :)

heidi said...

so easy! thanks michelle.