Tuesday, August 3, 2010

freezer tip: Chicken

I love freezer meals! I love that I can have a delicious meal faster than take out. I haven't been too adventurous in my freezer meals, I just make extra of whatever we are having for dinner that night and freeze the extra.
Yesterday I made a bunch of freezer meals for when I'm not in the mood to cook, which is often lately. I snapped quick pictures so I can show you what I did.
The first one is Chicken Parmesan, a family favorite.
TIP: You can't freeze chicken that was once frozen, it's more prone to bacteria growth. If you buy frozen chicken you will have thaw it make the chicken then bake it then freeze it. I just buy raw chicken and go from there.
Prepare chicken as you normally would, this is how I do it.
I line the pan with freezer paper but you can use wax, foil, or clear wrap, so the chicken doesn't stick to the pan, and if it sticks to the paper you just peel it off.
I tried to get most my food to the side so you didn't have to see it :)
These froze for about 24 hours but I am pretty sure they were done at 12, I got distracted and then lazy. You don't want to leave them in too long because they will get freezer burn.
I then put them in a "freezer" ziploc /walmart brand bag. I was out of them so this is a normal glider one, which means they will be more likely to get freezer burn. I have been impressed with the freezer bags, they are a lot thicker.
I'll post the other meals too, happy freezing


Suz said...

I froze some meals before Cole was born and I have LOVED how much easier they have made things. I definitely want to get into the habit of freezing more things. It makes things so much easier, especially if you just double what you are already making for dinner. I hadn't thought about doing chicken Parmesan before- great idea!

Blake and Erica said...

Yum & good Idea :)

red said...

You're awesome. Can I request lasagna? I'm worried that if I make it ahead and freeze it it will taste gross (like frozen lasagna) I can't believe you just chuck the chicken in there frozen raw. I never would have thought of that. so how do you keep your freezer that clean?