Sunday, September 26, 2010

22 weeks 3 days

See this awesome fake smile? Collin was saying I wasn't smiling then tried really hard to contain a "put the camera in landscape mode" joke, key word "tried".
Since I had make up on, here's my belly update. I am now fluctuating 2 pounds above and 2 pounds below my starting weight.
Collin taught D how to give "brother" kisses and raspberries. Oh and our door is now a new color.


grandma blair said...

You are looking so good, I love the smooches, and rasberries

Lauren and Carter said...

The pic with D is the cutest most adorable thing ever. I love her tiptoes and her hair and her dress.

Ann said...

You're cute.

So is your door.

Anna said...

Loving the red shirt. It's super cute. And I want to paint my door black, how did they do it?
D's hair is to die for. adorable!!!

red said...

you look super hot! And if the sweet princess kisses start to be a little too much just tell her the baby is sleeping :) love the heels!