Friday, September 3, 2010

CSN product reveiw: Roadmaster trike

Remember how I said I had an upcoming product review for CSN Stores? Well it took us forever to decide what to get. I kept trying to pick something out for me but getting D stuff is much easier.
We finally decided she was old enough for a trike, or a BIKE!!!! as she calls it.
She's still trying to figure it out.
As for the review of the Roadmaster Duo Deck Tricycle it's adorable. Delilah can easily climb up on it on her own (the seat is and handle bars are adjustable) and reach the pedals. It's built pretty tough the bolts and screws and other parts are all metal, except the actual pedals are plastic. I had to put it together and it wasn't too difficult. We did, however, find out from her first test drive I didn't tighten the handle bars tight enough and they needed some extra tightening from someone stronger than me.
Delilah hasn't used it too much just yet and still needs help but I think she will like it and it will still be just as good in a few years for baby brother to use.
I can only think of one problem with it. It stinks. It smells like a tire store, I assume it's from the rubber tires but when you don't have a garage to store it in you notice it. I hope the smell wears off soon.
I'll post more pictures of her on her bike on her blog.


red said...

She looks so cute with her hair like that. And I'm super jealous those things are hard to find. I can't believe how tall she is. That's perfect for her. Okay back to Lilah pictures.

Anna said...

the smell takes forever to go away. We have that EXACT same one for Lincoln. :) Super fun!

grandma blair said...

what a lucky little girl, hope she gets lots of chances to use it before it gets too cold.

Cindy said...

She is looking cute and so grown up :) Looks like some old school fun! I think mine looked like that when I was 3. Mayzie calls her trike a bike too, and it has lasted through all 4 girls and being run over a couple of times. (without a kid on it)

Mary Lou said...

Too cute. I can't believe she's old enough to get on and off a trike by herself. Have fun with it.