Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook works for me

The other day I posted this complaint on my Facebook page. I didn't know so many others were in the same boat as me.
A few days later I got a package in the mail from my brother Graydon. As soon as I gave it a squeeze I knew what my AMAZING brother had done for me and ripped it opened as fast as I could.
The best part I don't even have to share them, Collin doesn't like cinnamon candy!!! (He also doesn't like black licorice so I get dibs on that too).
Let me just say these jolly red bears made my day. My eyes may have even got a little misty but we'll just blame that on the pregnancy.
Thanks Graydon (and I'm sure Valerie too) for the VERY kind present. It has been much appreciated!!


Anna said...

You must be loved, or spoiled. whatever. :)

VJBlair said...

Anything for a craving. We are glad you like them. They are Graydon's favorite too.

VJBlair said...

BTW I should say that it was all Graydon's idea. I just had to pick them up.

grandma blair said...

So excited that you got your cinnamon bears. Way to go Graydon