Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I admit I love google. I love gmail, gchat, gvideo, gvoice, I love picasa (owned by google), I love blogger (owned by google), I love their search engine, I love I can use google with just a simple text message*, and I love all the other stuff they do that I don't even know about.
The other day Collin and I were emailing back and forth through out the day like we do everyday. I never pay much attention to the adds on the side of my email but my screen froze so I glanced at them. Look how freaking good google is! These adds showed up when I had our email chain opened. How did they know I was 1. female 2. married 3. I'm talking to my husband. and, 4. curious if he was a two timing husband, but didn't want him to know I was snooping on him if I was wrong. Okay just kidding on that last one but, Wow Google you are pretty smart... a little too smart.

*If you have never googled via text you are missing out. It cost the same as a text message and most the time you get the info you need. Say you are looking for a restaurant in the body of the message type what you are looking for or the name of the restaurant then your zip code.
For example;
"Mexican Restaurant 48307"
"tattoo removal 48307"
"John Doe 48307"
"dairy queen 48307"
"OB-GYN 48307"
"hospital 48307"
Then send the message to "GOOGLE" or "466453". With in seconds you will get a reply to your phone via text from google giving you the address and phone number of the closest location to that zip code. We use it ALL the time!!


Jody and Alex said...

How have I never known about this! Thanks for sharing, I think I will be using this a lot!

Anna said...

google is amazing. :) But I'm over the texting google thing. Now I just call and talk to them. :) 800-466-4411 Tell them your city and state and the listing and they connect you. :)

Anna said...

or if you say text me the info they will. then i don't have to text and drive. :)