Monday, September 6, 2010

In Honor of Labor Day

*Collin said I should warn you that there are brand new baby pictures in this post. You know the ones where she's covered in baby goo.
In honor of Labor Day I thought I would share my labor story. I remember the week I got home from having Delilah I kept trying to type it up so I wouldn't forget it but I quickly got caught up holding and looking at my new baby, and never got it written down. So today I am going to try to remember every little detail so I have it written down. I'm sure after the second Labor story I might get the two confused so here we go.

{Right before we left}
I was induced the morning of April 2, 2008 at 7:00 in the morning. I was 39 weeks. I remember I slept surprisingly well the night before. We woke up and got dressed and took an empty car seat to the car. I remember it was such a weird feeling knowing that our lives were about to change forever and that the next time we got in the car the car seat would have our baby in it.
It was early morning as we drove from Salt Lake to Ogden Regional hospital, the roads were empty but Collin refused to speed, I think he even drove a little under the speed limit (knowing Collin this is odd). I remember saying "babe we're going to be late hurry up" but Collin didn't seem to be in any hurry :)
We checked in about 10 minutes late and in that moment when you are waiting for your room our doctor walked by and said hi. We got settled in and almost as soon as I was hooked up Dr. Jed Naisbitt came in and told the nurse to turn on the pitocin then he broke my water. I remember being so afraid that having my water broken was going to hurt I couldn't move, even though he and the nurses told me repeatedly it wouldn't. He asked me twice to push on my belly a little and I didn't, he eventually pushed down a little on my belly for me and then I felt the GUSH of warm water spilling everywhere. I looked at him with relief and said "I'm sorry I thought it was going to hurt, if I had of known it wouldn't I would have helped, sorry."
Then we waited. I believe that I walked in at a 3 and 80% effaced and Delilah was high. The staff and nurses were so nice. My OB nurse was 7 months pregnant and so kind I wanted to be her best friend. The nurses had to keep coming in and checking on us because Delilah kept kicking off her monitor {So Delilah, she's such a stubborn girl}. The nurses kept checking on me to see how I was progressing.
I don't remember what time it was I would say 11 ish my sweet nurse asked if I was ready for my epidural. The contractions hadn't been that bad and I could easily control them. It sounds silly but I hadn't made up my mind about the epidural yet. I had decided if I was over a 5 I would go without, if I was under a 5 I would get one. I have had cysts burst, and have and endometriosis pain most my life so I know pain and if it was a pain I could deal with why get an epidural. So I asked my nurse to check me again before I decided on the epidural. So she did and I was at a 4.
"Hook me up"
I think it's funny how quick I decided but honestly I'm happy I got one. It made it so I could enjoy my labor more. The Anesthesiologist came in and got everything ready to give me my epidural. A nurse and Collin stood in front of me bracing me. I felt the little "bee sting" that numbs the area then a strong electrical shock down my entire right side (this doesn't happen very often but I guess is common) then I felt the drugs hit.
The Anesthesiologist then asked "How do you feel?" I had never had an epidural before so I didn't know how I should feel. "I feel like I'm about to go under for surg....." Before I could finish my sentence I started to flop sideways on the bed because I couldn't hold myself up anymore. Collin said the guy and the nurse got pale and he ripped my epidural out as fast as he could. He had accidentally numbed the upper half of my body instead of the lower half. He then tried again and succeeded this time. One of the upside of him screwing up royally was that he babied me the entire labor and was constantly checking on me. I didn't get a boost button to hit because he would come in and give me just the right amount whenever I needed it, and he never left me wanting. I was able to walk within 45 minutes after my delivery so I'm cool with the small mistake.
We waited until about 3ish I would say, and my nurse checked me. I was at a 6 and Delilah was getting a little lower now. My sweet sweet nurse then told me that she needed to go help with a delivery but it shouldn't be too long, if I needed anything before she got back another nurse would check on me. About 20 minutes later another nurse came in and said I'm going to check you and see how you are progressing. I quickly told her I had just been checked and that I was at a 6. She told us she noticed something on the monitor and wanted to just double check, so she did. She then said "that's what I thought, you are fully dilated and 100% effaced."
This is where the room started to get crowded. They started rolling all sorts of things into the room that the doctor would need for me and Delilah. We called our family and let them know the situation and called my sister. She was going to record the birth {not in that disgusting way that no one wants to watch she hung out at my head just so she could capture the moment} and we thought she was going to miss it. Delilah was still pretty high so we had a little bit of time.
The next hour was a blur, people coming in and checking on me, Collin pacing, family arriving and wanting to check on us and me trying really hard to not tell them to go the hell away. My nurse finally came back and had me start pushing, we were just pushing to get Delilah lower not to deliver. Because the Anesthesiologist was babying me my epidural was slowly starting to wear off. I could feel the contractions coming up in my diaphragm but still didn't feel pain. This was nice because I knew when to push and didn't need the monitor to tell me when to push. There was a time when Delilah's heart rate went a little low and I had to wear the sexy oxygen masks for a little while. When she was lower she said stop pushing and went and called the doctor.
Jed came and had me push and I pushed, we pushed for a while and D was still not coming. He said I either need to get the vacuum or you will have to wait another hour because you have been pushing too long. I felt fine and like I could go forever, with the threat of the vacuum and him leaving and not coming back for an hour I told him
"No, I'm going to push one more time and it's going to be the best push you have ever seen now hold on"
And then I pushed
I remember Jed looking at my sister with a little shock on his face and saying "That was one hell of a push, probably the biggest I've ever seen."
One more small push and we had our beautiful Delilah.
She was even beautiful covered in baby goo and screaming.
Collin told everyone my entire pregnancy that he's paying the doctor and there is no way he's cutting the cord. In the moment though look what Collin did. Jed didn't even ask, He just commanded "Here Collin give the camera to the nurse, she'll take pictures, cut the cord" and he did.
Another cute 1st time daddy moment after the commotion of everything Collin asked "when they fixed her head", while making a squishing motion with his hands. See her super cone head :) The nurses all smiled and held back giggles and said it will go down on its own. Which it did, fairly quickly too.
Almost all the rooms on the maternity ward were full; the nursery was full of babies. Yet every time we went to get Delilah out of the nursery there would be 3 or more nurses looking at her ooing and aahing over her and she had a new hair bow every time they brought her to me. Even the cleaning lady, when she came in to empty my trash she looked at me and said "Does your baby have red hair like you?" I said "yes". "She's everyone's favorite, and I promise I don't say that to all the mom's".
The morning after she was born the nurse told me to come get her when I was ready to have my sheets changed. So I went for my required lap around the maternity floor and tried to find my nurse. I couldn't find her so I told another nurse I was looking for my nurse. Before I could tell her what room I was in or who my nurse was she said "oh I'll go tell her" and turned and walked away. I remember trying to figure out how the other nurse would know who my nurse was or what room I was in. Then it hit me that my hair gave her all the information she needed because she knew Delilah and in turn knew which nurse would be assigned to me. My nurse confirmed it for me and said we just can't get enough of that baby girl.


grandma blair said...

what a wonderful story on labor day, it brings it all back. Thanks for sharing. Love ya both

Anna said... forgot that your sister was there in plenty of time and was very amazing even though she was a little grossed out. :) And you forgot that after the baby d came out you shouted (yes shouted) I did it, I did it I did it! Where is my baby ohhhhh give me my baby! :) It was a very exhilarating moment. :) Thanks for letting me partake.
I enjoyed the story though. :)

Eve said...

You look GORGEOUS in your birth photos. Really not fair.

I love this story, especially the breaking the water part, the really big push part, and the everybody being smitten with Delilah part. We all still are!

red said...

Thanks for sharing. That was both enlightening and scared the crap out of me (just because it's my turn next.) You're amazing. It will be even better the second time, just wait. Miss you and your sweet little princess. Hope you're feeling well.

red said...

p.s. I VERY much appreciate the fully ripe belly pictures. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who gets...ripe :)

Michelle said...

Anna that's the reason I didn't post the video. I started to watch it last night and had to turn it off because I sound like an absolute idiot! :) I forgot how much yelling I did after she was born.

red said...

Mommies should get to yell as much as they want. This time around I think I'll just let it all out and see if it helps me feel better. If it makes you feel any better in my movie with Michael I do the same thing..I was all proud of myself for pushing him out and started saying a bunch of stuff like Oh look I did it oh look it's a baby oh look...YES! So I think that's pretty normal behavior for just having pushed out a kid.

Anna said...

I want to see that part of the video!!!! :) it was pretty awesome/funny/scary. :)