Saturday, September 11, 2010

More than half way

So I guess this blog has turned into a pregnancy/ gallbladder journal, sorry about that. I'll post something cool eventually. I did do a lot of sewing/crafting this week but they are all gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise.
I was going to do the same outfit same location with every belly shot but after seeing the last one I decided that outfit sucked (although it is a better depiction of what I normally wear) and the lighting sucks. So I switched it up a bit and made Collin walk away from his South Carolina vs Georgia football game for a moment to take it, for those of you who don't know my husband this was a HUGE sacrifice (but I hear him clapping from the other room so I guess no harm done). When I see this picture I immediatly think maybe I should have put makeup on or shoes with a little lift to elongate my legs, but seriously this is how you will find me most days.

Today we went to the farmers market and to an art festivle they were having in our down town area. We walked forever and by time we turned around to walk back I was waddling :( not cool. We ran into one of Collin's coworkers and he said "So you are getting close right?" I don't know who should be more embarassed me or him when I say I'm only half way. It was at this point in my pregnancy with Delilah when a guy said "let me guess, I'm good at this. 7 months." "nope, 5 months" cool.

Update on the Gallbladder situation: I met with the surgeon who was SO kind and SO nice. He explained how common it is for pregnant women to develop gallbladder issues and that the best way to treat it is with diet during the pregnancy then take it out after you have the baby, and that is currently our plan. After the consultation he said I was one of the more motivated pregnant women he had seen and that most pregnant women don't even want to consider changing their diet. He said if it continues to get worse there is the option of removing the gallbladder while I'm pregnant, but because I would be pregnant they would have to do it old school where it's major surgery and they slice up your side instead of doing a laporoscopy.
He also explained that there really is no difference between "gravel/sludge" like I have, and stones, both cause the same amount of pain and damage. That made me feel a little better because the guy in the ER said "well they aren't stones it's more like gravel" in a you're a wimp voice. So shut it ER guy!

I'm still struggling with the diet, not in a I'm cheating way, but in a, I look at people drinking diet coke and get envious sort of way. This week I discovered Soda aggravates gallbladder stones, and Onions, Brussels sprouts and cabbage aggravate the gallbladder. I love onions :( Another fun turn is we discovered that I can't even handle low fat cheeses :( I keep telling Collin this little boy just really wants a skinny mama. Boys will be boys.

On a lighter note here is a side by side comparison of me half way with D and me now. I'm pretty sure that robe exaggerates the belly.


Ann said...

A. You're hair grows SO fast! It's so cute, though! It tempts me to cut bangs.

B. I love that you are a PREGNANT pregnant person.

C. Probably not for you, but this pregnancy is FLYING by for me!

Anna said...

adorable. :) I love bangs on you as well. thanks for the pictures

red said...

I love you Michelle. And you look super super hot in your yellow shirt picture. And everyone always asks me right about five months if I'm delivering soon...because they're dumb. And if gallstones are anything like kidney stones the GRAVEL stuff is very very painful, the doctor probably hasn't ever had one ;) And just today I was thinking about how incredibly cute your little guy is going to be. I can't wait to see him...and I'm a little bummed you didn't accidentally post pictures of what you've been making :) I'll post some pic.s and you'll feel better about your size. I saw your pic's from the very end last time and thought "yep that's about the same size i am now." Miss you wish I could be there to poke your belly and buy you non-fat stuff...can you have nutella?