Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Camera

Well we have done it, we have entered the world of DSLR camera's.
We are considering this my graduation present, note not Collin's, but mine. See I had Delilah and 3 weeks later graduated with my BS in Community Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah. About a month and a half after my graduation we moved to South Carolina and became poor graduate students. Needless to say a graduation present got but on the back burner ... well more like in the freezer.
But it's here now and we are both excited to get practicing. We went to the park yesterday to give it a try. . don't judge us we are very new to this. (these pictures are all straight out of the camera)

We chose the Pentax k-x. We chose this camera based on three things; the reviews, the fact that it takes HD video, and the price.
Now you get to enjoy watching us learn how to use it, you might need to prepare yourself :)


Taylor said...

Looks great! What an exciting present! I'm sure you're gonna fall in love with it!

Eve said...

SO MUCH FUN. I look forward to LOTS of pictures! Here is as blog you might like - she is a momtog that gives easy camera pointers.

She has awesome design/ craft projects on her site, too.

I don't edit my pictures except for contrast sometimes in photobucket. Mostly because I'm lazy. ;)

Michelle said...

that's one of my favorite blogs Eve!

red said...

geez. that's amazing. I want to get one now!

red said...

I love how serious she is on the swing. she's got some serious form :) Those pictures are awesome. Can you move back home now so you can be our photographer? Miss you.