Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pita Pizza

Here's another low fat dinner that we had this last week. The pita is fat free along with the pizza sauce. I topped my pizza with mushrooms, green bell peppers, white onion and mozzarella cheese made with skim milk (so it's reduced fat). My salad was just Romain lettuce with tomatoes. The dressing was this new kind I found made with yogurt instead of mayo, it only has 1 gram of fat a serving compared to 14 with other dressings. It didn't even taste diet, Collin had the Ranch version and said the same thing.


red said...

You are REALLY good at low fat cooking. You should make a book. Seriously. That all looks very tasty. I'm glad you can't tell the difference. Pregnancy should be a time when you can stuff your face with whatever you want. I'm gald you're finding stuff that tastes good.

Cindy said...

That's really cool about the dressing. I'll have to look for that kind.

grandma blair said...

you are amazing, good food and fat free, who would have known!