Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Veggie burgers

I've been craving a good veggie burger my entire pregnancy. I love the morning star garden burger but there is nothing better than a fresh one. I have made this recipe in the past and loved it, but this time it wasn't so amazing. I think the problem was I grilled them on the Geroge instead of frying them in a skillet in a little oil like it says to. I guess that's what you get sometimes when you try to cut the fat. Collin did however have two :)
We had sweet potato fries with the burgers. I prepared them the same as I did the oven baked fries but make sure you reduced the heat a little mine burned a little. I sprinked half with salt and half with salt and cinnamon. They were tasty even though they were a little burned.


red said...

Okay you are freaking amazing. How the CRAP do you make a fresh veggie burger? Can i come live with you? You really really should write a book with all of these recipes. You rock. Try dipping the fries in honey butter or even better maple butter (fat free of course.)

grandma blair said...

that looks really yummy, I remember your fresh veggie burger, it was pretty good.

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

my mouth is watering. i LOVE your food posts! and yes, you've got to give Bikram's yoga one more shot....it's AWESOME!