Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I do pot stickers

In Taiwan and China I loved to eat the street dumplings. In China we had two chef's that cooked all our meals for us, occasionally they would make them for us. One time over fall break they taught us how to make them (a lot of work!).
In Taiwan I would probably get them twice or three times a week around the corner from our school. It was a small shop where you would see the ladies making the dumplings in front. Then they would bring the bamboo steamers to your table full of delicious dumplings to your table where you would then down them with your can of coke and fried rice. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm miss them. In China they seemed to boil them more often than they steam them, each country seems to prepare them a little differently but usually they are stuffed with the same stuff. Oh and yes I know it's not kosher to put soy sauce on your rice, but I'm still American so I can get away with it.
This is how I make them.
We usually buy our dumplings at Asian markets, we like to stand out. Since we moved we had to find a new market which means I had find new dumplings. Most the time at Asian markets you won't find items labeled in English, and if they are you can't trust them, so you need to know what you are looking for when you go in. These are labeled "meat & textured vegetable protein" we think it was pork. It doesn't matter really which ones you get they are all pretty tasty. I hear you can get them at Trader Joe and some other grocery stores.
Dump your bag of dumplings into already boiling water.
Once the water gets boiling again the dumplings will start floating to the top. Let them hang out at the top for about 3 more minutes.
Using a slotted spoon I scoop the dumplings up and put them in a already hot and lightly greased electric skillet. I cook them until they brown up a little, carefully flip and brown the other side, then serve with rice.
Enjoy :)

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