Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our life lately

Well it's official, I've hit the "Hermit" stage of my pregnancy. I feel like I could fall asleep standing up most days. Yesterday I turned on PBS for D to watch and laid on the sofa to watch it with her. I didn't plan on falling asleep but I did for I would guess 15 minutes, the show we were watching was still on when I opened my eyes. Want to know what woke me up? Sweet D putting a sticker off a new shirt over my eyes. On further examination I had two Dora band-aids on my arm too. She's adorable.
Baby Brother is kicking the crap out of me constantly and hates when I wear anything tight on my stomach, luckily so do I so we rock yoga pants most days. I'm so sick of maternity pants either they hurt and stay up or they are constantly falling down, yoga pants are the only thing that stay in place and don't hurt. Speaking of clothes and baby brother, for some reason Collin has been super worried we don't have any clothes for the baby yet, to be honest we don't have anything for the baby yet, mainly out of laziness on my part. So when I got an email from the Children's place on Monday, saying they were having a big sale and had a 20% off entire purchase coupon, I told Collin and we met up for his lunch break. We got 14 things for 13 dollars :) Yay us!! Unfortunatly all those items are for next summer so we still need to go stock up on onesies, but still great deal right?!
We have been eating out a little more than we normally do and watching a little more TV than we normally do. We use to go to the park every night after work but it's been getting darker earlier and I'm so pooped I don't want to do anything. One night so we got exciting and pulled out scrabble. Let me say I was doing amazing!! Kicking Collin's trash and then the little punk put an "ing" on my word "quilt" making it a 102 point word (it was on two triple word scores). Then I put down "rower" I know it's not an allowed word because of the "er" but Collin said it was ok, then the little jerk goes and slaps a "g" onto it making himself another 70 some odd points. I hate when he wins games, mainly because he always wins, but I had this one in the bag!
Anyway if you are still reading this you now know that we are now super boring people. Two things can come from this a lack of blogging or a bunch of super boring posts. We'll just have to wait and see which one happens.
Anyway so that being said you now know how "loserish" our life has become, we are the people who get bitter over scrabble games. Yah, we like to keep it real.


Andrea said...

We played Word on the Street last night. You're so not alone.

red said...

Don't worry there is a LOT of boy stuff coming in a few weeks. A LOT!!!

red said...

and we sometimes play dirty word scrabble. it makes us laugh. and once we spelled big fat manatee poo. at the end of our games we like to try and make sentences. :)

VJBlair said...

Sounds like fun. Our new game has been Monopoly Jr. It fun because Emily and Josh can actually understand what is going on and it is still interesting enough for me.

Love Game night.