Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Life's sucked these last few weeks Collin's not been home. I'm feeling more and more pregnant every day. I cheated so bad on my gallbladder diet this weekend that I'm still paying for it today. And D and I are getting kinda sick of each other. It will be nice when Collin is back.
Anyway to keep from turning the blog into a huge complaint blog I've not posted.
I just thought I would share something from today. D and I were struggling with each other particularly bad today. I had done crafts with her, we played with Legos, we colored, we sang songs, we did a TON of different things trying to keep her entertained and happy (it was stormy most of the day) eventually to save her from my lack of patience she ended up in front of the TV.
Around 6 we went to target, it wasn't the worst shopping trip but it was one of those where I'm sure everyone in the store knew her name by time we left.
"Delilah where did you go"
"Ahh.. Delilah let's put that down"
"Delilah you have to put your shoes back on"
"Delilah you can get in the cart or get out but you can't do both"
"Delilah don't run away"
"Delilah please don't put that in the cart"
"Delilah, honey we don't need a hot dog costume for a dog"
By time we got to the check out I was spent and Delilah still had plenty of energy so of course the lady in front of us felt the need to apply for a target credit card. So while that was happening I kept putting candy back on the shelf and trying to just keep her near me.
Finally when we got to the register to check out the checker was going so quick as way to apologize, she barely even looked at us. Eventually she noticed D climbing everywhere and said "she's adorable" at the same moment looking at me. Then she did a double take at me and said "you guys could be twins" She literally was dumb founded for a moment and just looked at me then D then me then D "you guys look exactly alike!!" It was cute how she said it so sincerely. I don't know what made it different from the other 10 million times a day we are told we look like each other She just seemed so caught off guard by how much a mom and daughter could look alike.
It made me realize I should be nicer to my daughter because there is no denying she's mine.


red said...

Don't feel guilty. It's freaking hard to be nice to your kids 24 hours a day. When we go to Target I stop at the food place and get nachos or a slurpee first...or I use it as a bribe and we sit down and eat after the target trip. I'm sorry, it's SO frustrating to not get a break at the end of the day (or any other part of the day) Good luck with Delilah. And you shouldn't feel bad about T.V. I'm sure it keeps millions of American parents from beating their kids every day :) Love you...when does he get back? Also when we go to the store I pick out a toy (or seven) and let whoever is in the cart play with it. then when I go check out I give them all back and say I don't need it. I don't even care that it's inconvenient. :) hang in there.

Andrea said...

If it makes you feel better, I was driving to work at the U on South Temple and some guy in a Jeep was in front of me and kindof swerving. I passed him and as I did he flipped me off! Its a little bit funny now that I think about it, but I did feel bad at the time. Hang in there!

Kassidi Bridge said...

cute. you're going to love having baby number two (for tons of reasons obviously), but also because baby number one keeps baby number two entertained and vice versa. it's heaven.

grandma blair said...

you are an awesome Mommy, and your little girl will always love you. Even when she is in her twenties and people still say she looks like her mom

heidi said...

Oh man, Michelle. I wish I would have done something for you, I don't know what I would have done while Collin was away, but I should have done something, sorry. Sometimes I don't think about these things, you should call me, seriously, whenever if you need something. I am glad he is home now for ya though.