Sunday, October 10, 2010

We've got Annie

(sorry the pics stink, lighting was terrible and I wasn't very proud of her costume at the moment and didn't feel like taking pictures of it. We'll get better ones closer to Halloween)
We had our first Halloween party on Saturday night. I am trying to get all of the red headed costumes out of the way before D is old enough to choose her own costume. Last year we did pebbles this year we did Annie. I made this little dress for her Friday night, I learned a lot and enough to want to make it again so it can look better because there are a ton of little things that bother me.
I've never made a dress with sleeves before Friday night.
I've never made a dress with a collar before until Friday night.
The last time I put a zipper in was 7th grade home economics.
My sewing machine wasn't digging my white thread so I topped stitched in red and it bothers me..... a lot.
I sewed the collar on wrong the first time. . . it was midnight.
It's a little tight in the shoulders.
It's too short.
Around 1:30 when I finished her dress I started to consider buying patterns instead of winging it like I always do. I don't know why I'm so against them.
All that being said I now know I can make it even better and I have enough fabric to do it so we'll see if on Halloween she is wearing a different dress.


Taylor said...

There are things you don't like?!? I think it's ADORABLE! I'm REALLY REALLY missing you now! I need help learning about sewing zippers! I just made my first shirt with sleeves too! They're a little ghetto looking!

grandma blair said...

Michelle, you are amazing, When you decide to use a pattern you will be surprised how much easier it really is. You just might have some of your Great Grandma Day in you, she never used a pattern and everything looked great. She could even hem a dress and you could never see the stitching on the front of the hem. This one looks really good to me, I can't wait to see what you do differently with the next one.

Lauren and Carter said...

Mistakes aside (which I can't even see), that is so flipping adorable. What a cute idea! She's perfect.

Anna said...

a. you are pregnant, b. this dress is perfect. c. she is two. d. it is halloween. e. you are amazing. f. you are crazy.
Get some sleep, and if you make another dress make a non halloween one that she'll wear more than once.
you are amazing

Eve said...

Adorable! You are being waaaay to hard on yourself. Her costume is perfect and it is a COSTUME! It is the perfect excuse to make mistakes and pretend you didn't. I do every year!

red said...

dear Michelle, you are awesome. everytime I look at a sleeve I think to myself. How the crap could anyone possible sew anything that hard? You're amazing. A pregnant Mommy who is still sick, who has a very sweet very active little princess who manages to sew ANYTHING let alone a costume is amazing. You're awesome. And it looks great and you're probably the only one who noticed. Everyone else was probably just in awe at your amazingness.

Holly said...

You are amazing. That dress looks so cute and she is going to love it! You are so inspiring. I may have to try my hand at sewing.

Bay's Blog said...

That is just way too cute! I dare say she is by far the cutest Annie I've ever seen in my life. :) You did a great job Michelle. I love you guys!

Mary Lou said...

Super cute Michelle, it's perfect. Is it just me or does Delilah look like she has freckles in the first picture especially. Or are they just applied w/ halloween makeup? She's a perfect Annie.

Michelle said...

It's not the best picture. She doesn't have any freckles yet but she did have chocolate on her face.