Wednesday, November 10, 2010

belly update

you might notice I changed the picture, I'm really 28 weeks in this pic not 27
I have now gained between 2-4 pounds depending on the morning.
I have started wanting only orange juice or water to drink and am in love with potatoes. When Collin was gone I bought a bunch of the lean cuisine broccoli, potato and cheese meals I love them.
Sleep is getting more difficult and my legs fall asleep a little to easy.
Delilah doesn't really fit on my lap anymore but you wouldn't know it because she still does. She has to sit more on the side than my lap but I don't know if it's just me but she seems more snugly lately, I think she is starting to understand her world is about to be rocked.
The gallbladder is still acting up but that's because I am cheating a bit more than before. I need to be better with that.
Baby brother is a kicker and he's mean about it. Part of me is excited when he is bigger and can't move as much, even though I know that will mean I will just constantly be uncomfortable from every little move. His favorite spot is that "low" spot that you just want to cross your legs and cry. Oh little boy... you are going to be a handful.
A few cute stories to end on I don't think baby brother has as big of a swimming pool as D had. I didn't feel D move this much and when she did move I remember it being uncomfortable but never painful. Baby brother can drop me to my knees sometimes with some of his kicks.
Yesterday he was behaving perfectly fine probably sleeping until Collin put on Journey for Delilah to dance to when he immediately started dancing too. His big sister did this all the time when she was in the womb, but mainly with guitar hero. I think he will love music just as much as D.
Also I felt hiccups for the first time. I remember having an ultrasound with Delilah and the nurse saying "oh look she has the hiccups, but I'm sure you already knew that." Nope, didn't feel a thing. The other day I felt what I can only assume were hiccups, it was a cute not painful feeling almost like a strong heartbeat. I guess I'll keep this sweet little guy after all :) Hopefully he won't throw up when he gets the hiccups like his big sister still does though.


VJBlair said...

That is so fun. Emily got the hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with her. It is kind of an odd repetitive sensation. It made me laugh.

Have fun with him.

grandma blair said...

you are looking great, fun stories

Anna said...

you look so adorable. :) Everytime I talk to you or read your stories makes me really want just two kids. :)