Friday, November 26, 2010

I think I ate to much yesterday

I'm 31 weeks and feel it. So far this pregnancy has been pretty miserable, I try not to complain but it's getting harder and harder not too. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and told her all my symptoms (which I'll spare you) she told me I have been doing to much and needed to rest more. I had Delilah with me but she wasn't being "Delilah" when the doctor came in because she was being "Delilah" a few minutes earlier stood on a chair, pushed it away from the wall and fell on her head. So the doctor saw a sweet quiet girl snuggling me. I don't think the doctor realizes how difficult it can be to "rest" with this little girl, especially when Collin has to keep leaving for work.
Collin has talked to work and is trying to figure out a way that will keep him from having to leave again for the next two weeks. We'll see what happens. But I'm starting to think that two kids might just be the perfect size for our family.


Anna said...

i love your windblown model look, but the kitty's complete the look! :)

Mary Lou said...

You look great Michelle, sorry you haven't felt well! We love ya!

red said...

Love the slippers. I'm sorry you're sick and your husband goes away. That's totally not fair. Hopefully he can stick around more. You're so so close. Soon this will all be a memory so foggy you'll think you want another one :)