Saturday, November 27, 2010

If you ask a Husband to take a picture

On Thanksgiving we went to the church with a few other young families from the ward. We had TONS and TONS of food and a lot of fun. It was good times with good company and I think it was just what we needed. It seemed the moms and dads just took turns watching all the kids and it didn't seem like one had the kids more than the other so we all got some relaxing time. I asked Collin to take some pictures of our Thanksgiving and this is what I got. At least it's not a close up of my chest, because that's what I normally get when I ask him to take a picture. I hope everyone had as good and relaxing Thanksgiving as we did.

PS this seems like as good as any time to point out that a few weeks ago I bought a new Chi to replace my 6 year old one that has a bad short in the cord. You may have noticed my hair is done a little more often now :) Even if I do it then throw it into a crappy pony because I get hot easy.


Anna said...

my husband has the same problem. :) Happy thanksgiving

Eve said...

Your hair looks awesome even in a messy pony.

I have to thank you for telling me about Chis. I had no idea. I thought my Revlon flat iron worked until I bought my Chi. LOL.

Matt Linder said...

Nice lighting, Collin!

red said...

boys. What can you do? And your hair looks cute and I love your shirt.