Friday, November 19, 2010

The McRib

I have a confession.
About 3 years ago McDonald's started running commercials about how the McRib is back, but only for a limited time. I remember talking to some classmates about how I had never had a McRib before and didn't want one but felt like I would be missing out on a piece of Americana if I never tried one and I had the opportunity.
It could have been that I was pregnant with D, but I was crazy and put it on my list of things to do but like all things you feel you "need" to do but don't "want" to do I procrastinated. Before I knew it there was a big sign that said "Last day to get a McRib" on our local McDonald's, and I didn't get one.
That's it, I had missed my chance. I was going to die with never having had a McRib.
The next day Both Collin and I had been working all day and we were tired. I can't remember why Collin left but he came back with a small bag from McDonald's. He had two McRibs, he said he took a chance and they still had some. I remember loving him so much at that moment, for some reason in my mind it's one of the sweetest things he's ever done for me. I was sitting on my bed when he brought it to me and we both sat there on our bed as I tried my first and last McRib.
It was disgusting.
But I did it, I had had a McRib, crossed off the list.
Then the next year miraculously the McRib came back.
I thought it was gone.. gone forever and here they go bringing it back. Just to be mean to me like Ha Ha we said it wouldn't come back, so you ate it, it was gross, and here it is back again just to laugh at you.
And now those stupid commercials are back again! I hate seeing those commercials, ever time it's a slap in my face!
Stupid McDonald's I won't be made a fool by your stupid processed pork products again.

stupid McDonald's


Anna said...

same thing happened to me.....same. I don't think I even finished it. So gross, so stupid. Stupid Mcdonalds

Eve said...

Ha ha, I totally thought you were going to confess to being so addicted to delicious McRibs that you were cheating on your gallbladder. That ending is even better and makes me feel great about the fact that I have "missed out" on the McRib.

Taylor said...

Have you seen The Simpsons about the McRibwich?!? If not you must see it. Fantastic and I think you will identify with it a little!

Cindy said...

I guess I've never really been tempted to even try eating a "McRib". Sounds like I'm not missing much. :)

Matt Linder said...

pork "by-product"

Le said...

I have never been interested in eating a sandwich where the meat is shaped like bones. I guess I'm not missing anything