Thursday, November 18, 2010

upcoming review...

Being 30 weeks pregnant (as of today) I've lost all motivation to do pretty much everything. I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do, I haven't been sewing, I haven't been crafting, I haven't even been taking pictures. I have however discovered there is one thing you don't need any motivation to do and that's shopping online, and the good people at CSN have given me an opportunity to do another product review. With Christmas coming up I've been looking at all sorts of things to give a try on CSN. With Collin traveling so much lately I immediately looked up luggage because he needs a new garment bag. As per usual while looking for Collin I ended up looking for Delilah. Look at this children's luggage, isn't it adorable. I mean why would Collin need a new garment bag when D could get this adorable owl back pack?
I'll make sure to let you know what I pick, maybe this time I'll get something for me. With who knows what I'll pick they seriously have everything, we'll have to wait and see.


Cindy said...

Well, even if you don't feel motivated, you still look cute pregnant.
That is a really, really cute backpack for D. Do you get to keep the things for free after you do a product review? If so, I might start spending more time over on too :) I've been searching them for dining sets. We've never actually bought one yet our whole marriage.

And there should be 2 packages coming really soon to your apartment, just as a heads up.

Michelle said...

I do get to keep the stuff :) Nice huh?

I'll keep an eye out for the packages. I need to be better on the ball with Christmas.