Monday, December 20, 2010


This is what I've had for breakfast EVERY DAY for over a month possibly two.
Orange Juice
Blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Acid reducer

I've never been someone who eats the same thing everyday but this pregnancy has done that to me.
For lunch most days I have a broccoli, potato, and cheese sauce Lean Cuisine. Seriously I'm embarrassed when I buy them because it's a huge stack of all the same meal. I don't feel too bad because one time in SC I saw an old lady with her shopping cart FULL of Salisbury steak TV dinners and beer. At least we know what we like.


Anna said...

you and lincoln need to hang out. he'd eat a bagel every morning if i let him. :) But he needs whole wheat, :) Because PBS told him too. :)

Collin Shaw said...

More like cream cheese with bagel on the side ;)

red said...

That sounds really really yummy. Doesn't the juice give you heart burn? Cream cheese was meant to be eaten like frosting. SOOOO good. Enjoy your breakfast.