Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's a shaw tradition to go out to eat for breakfast on Christmas Eve. I'm not one to argue.
We don't take D out very often because she is always a little stinker in restaurants. The last few times we have gone out though we have done this little trick.
1 packet of sweet and low + 1 fork = mini zen garden.
It usually keeps her busy until the food comes. She was a little angel for this breakfast.
We went home and napped then went to a ward member's home for Christmas Eve dinner and a reenactment of the Nativity. Delilah was an angel and we were suppose to bring a costume for her. I waited to long to find one for her and we ended up just using a Chinese shirt Collin got in China and his Tae kwan do belt.
She was very into her roll as you can see.
I was the narrator :)

We came home put D to bed and set up Christmas. Santa wasn't really feeling that well (aka grumpy, tired, hungry, and pregnant) so we just kinda piled up the presents and called it good. It was fun to think of how different this year is from last. (Have I mentioned lately how happy I am we are out of graduate school?) I kind of went overboard with D but rationalized it with the fact her world will be ROCKED in a month.
Before we went to bed we webcammed my parents and opened this present from them. Collin got a little competitive with it.


grandma blair said...

sounds like you had a great Christmas eve. Glad you liked the gift

grandma blair said...
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Lauren and Carter said...

Love the zen garden. :)