Monday, December 27, 2010


This picture sums up our Christmas. A messy house, (that we cleaned 3 times and should have known better because she just kept making messes with all her new stuff) a busy girl, and a tired mama.
We woke up around 8:30 and opened presents, all of us were pretty spoiled this year. We didn't really have anywhere to go and since we all had colds (the kind where you sneeze 3 times every 5 minutes, which when pregnant can come with a little collateral damage) we decided we would just hang out and enjoy all our new stuff, and each other's company of course. Collin's presents all seemed gaming centered including my favorite present I got him, wireless head phones. My presents were camera centered, and Delilah's presents were a little bit of EVERYTHING.

In true kid fashion after all the gifts had been opened we were eating breakfast when Delilah started begging for her scissors. (A friend of ours gave D some safety scissors a few weeks ago and Delilah loves practicing when ever she can.) So in the mist of all her new presents and toys Delilah practiced cutting junk mail for about 30 minutes. The cutting was followed by banging on all the empty boxes like drums. She eventually did play with all her toys I think she was just a little overwhelmed and needed something a little simpler before she dove into all the new stuff again. She's pretty funny.
I am so grateful for web cams. We were able to web cam with both families through out the day which helps with the homesickness. I'm am from a big family that has a lot of grand kids, family parties can get a little loud and crowded. Don't think for a second that I wouldn't want to be there in person with them, sometimes it's just fun to sit back and watch the chaos from our quiet couch.
All in all it was a great Christmas we took naps, played, and ate too much junk (which I paid for).
I hope you all were lucky enough to have had a wonderful Christmas as well.


Lauren and Carter said...

I love her face as she contemplates her cutting job. :) Hanging around on Christmas, enjoying your family and your presents, is the best way to go. Glad it was great! It was fun to webcam with you - and again tonight. :) We love it, thanks again.

red said...

Missed you. It was fun seeing you guys on the web cam. Just wait until you can be here for a crazy Christmas. Our first one after we moved away was a little scary :) But we're used to it now. You look really good. I love your bangs. And that you do your hair even though you're super pregnant and probably super tired.

grandma blair said...

so fun to web cam with you. We missed you terribly, but the web cam does help. So glad you had a good Christmas.