Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Birthday day

Here's the run down of my birthday.
D and I got up I made us breakfast then we got back in my bed and ate breakfast while watching cartoons.
The reason we could watch cartoons in bed is because Collin got me a TV for my birthday. I've always been against having more than one TV in a home, Collin's opinion differs on the subject. At one point we had two TV's and it took a LOT of persuasion to get Collin to give it away. Enter pregnancy number two and the doctor telling me I need to be resting whenever possible. I've been trying my hardest to lay down a lot more but it's hard when I'm just laying in bed while Collin and D are in the other room hanging out, it feels a little more like I'm being quarantined instead of resting. D insists that when I'm in bed my door MUST be shut. So I told Collin I wanted a second TV and he was happy to oblige. Now D and I spend our mornings watching toons on TV. It's sad how much we've used it.
Anyway we hung out in the morning, did some laundry, did some puzzles, then put D down for a nap. Collin came home around 2:30 to hang out with us. We kept trying to come up with a fancy place to go eat that we could still take D to. Sadly we ended up at applebees.... pretty fancy huh? For all 3 of us to eat it was 28 bucks!
Here I am all dressed up for our "fancy" dinner. I do have a maternity coat but the sleeves are a little too short and it bugs me, so I rock this open front trench look :)
Delilah was super cute when she realized that we were putting her left overs in a box to take home. She insisted on carrying it all by herself out to the car and even put it in the fridge all on her own. Sometimes I just love that girl so much it hurts.
After our dinner we tried to think of a place to get some cake when I remembered there was a new cupcake shop that opened up in our down town. It is there that I had the worlds best lemon cupcake!! AMAZING!!
Delilah got to pick her own cupcake too. She was in sugar HEAVEN!!
After cupcakes we put D to bed and then we watched bounty hunter (stupid show) and went to bed.

I can honestly say that it was the best birthday I've had in years.
Just hanging out with my little family is exactly what I wanted


Lauren and Carter said...

You look great! I like the pictures of you and Collin at the end. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed it.

Carter said...

D has the same problem that collin had growing up. She opens her mouth so big that she has to close her eyes. I wonder if she ever eats with dad that he will get after her for it like he did collin.

Taylor said...

You look super cute! Especially for being that pregnant! And I think your non-maternity coat looks just as cute!

Mary Lou said...

What a fun day. That's what I want for my birthday too this year, to spend the day with my whole family (hint)! JK - You guys are a cute family!

Anna said...

I want that lemon cupcake. looks so good