Thursday, December 16, 2010


I finally picked something for my review and it was actually for me :)
I chose the Polder Deluxe Stainless Steel Bread Box. I've wanted one forever and this was the perfect chance to get one. It does what a bread box is suppose to do.
One con... don't take a pic of yourself in it. It won't be pretty.
But I do like how much bread it fits!
I bet you are jealous of my white bread aren't you? It's delicious and I feel guilty every time I eat it or give it to Delilah. At least it isn't wonder bread right? We had that last week.
OK! I promise we will go back to whole grain wheat bread when I'm done making a baby. Gosh! you guys can be pretty judgy.


Anna said...

what does a bread box do? Do I need one?
And I really like your belly in the pix, could be worse..... :)

red said...

There is nothing tastier than wonder bread. And I want a bread box. It hides the bread so you don't have to leave it out on your counter. Now if only I could get like sixty more boxes to hide the stuff in my house :) jealous you get to test stuff.