Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Shower

Saturday morning my sweet friends Callie and Tobey threw a baby shower for me. I felt weird having a shower for my second baby but apparently outside of UT it's pretty normal and after everyone INSISTED I have one I caved, and I'm happy I did. It was fun to just hang out with a bunch of women and talk about things like plugs, contractions, stretch marks, and swollen feet. I mean when else can you have open conversations about such things?
If you are wondering where my bangs went, I cut them the morning of the shower. I've been cutting my bangs since February and have felt like I've not done that bad of a job.... that is until Saturday morning. So they will be pinned back for a few weeks while I wait for them to grow a little bit longer.
Back to the shower. we didn't take very many pictures which is odd because Callie and I are the ones known to pull out a camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING because we both blog a lot (Callie everyday). There was a delicious waffle bar with yogurt parfaits, hot cocoa and this delicious fruit arrangement that Callie's husband made. Everything was delicious and beautiful.
We played games. Here we are playing the how big is Michelle's belly game. We also played a game where we got to know each other better, and my favorite game was a purse scavenger hunt. Honestly it was hilarious to see what we all had in our purses. I currently have a chewed up plastic french fry in mine that Delilah keeps reminding me we need to return to one of the girls in the ward.
Then we opened gifts, baby brother got some super cute clothes and some adorable blankets. He also got a few toys that his older sister may or may not have already ripped opened and played with.
I was having mild contractions the entire party and didn't think to take more pictures. I feel bad I didn't think to take more because it was a good time with good people. I'll be honest there is a group picture but I look like the broad side of a barn in it so it will go unposted.
Thanks Callie and Tobey you are the BEST!!! oh and Callie thanks for throwing me a shower even though I said no the first two times, it really was a blast.


Jody and Alex said...

Michelle- you look great! So fun to have another shower.

Cindy said...

Love your belly photo! You do look great. He will be here so soon! Exciting :)

Lauren and Carter said...

K you look stunning!! I'm glad you decided to have it - what's not to like about getting presents and hanging out with women instead of watching football 24/7? But this baby does need to hurry up. I saw your comment on fb about baby brother being on a nerve...I can't even imagine what that feels like obviously, but I'm sorry. :(

red said...

You look beautiful. I wish we could be out there with you, but I'm so glad there are people there who love you and refuse to listen to you and throw you a shower anyway :) Love it.

Regina said...

I bet baby boy is excited to not have older sisters hand-me-downs. lol

Eve said...

You really do look beautiful! I love the little braid in your bangs.

I put Van in Wren's hand-me-down pants all the time. Skinny jeans on boys make me die, even if they have pink linings inside.