Saturday, January 1, 2011

Belly update

He's making his decent. This boy is getting lower and lower I can breathe easier but I look like an idiot when I walk. I remember when I was first pregnant I was so sick I was just praying for the end to come even though I knew what it would be like.
the swollen feet
the pain in the hips
the constant inappropriate low kicks
the being so hungry but not able to eat hardly anything because you have no room
the heart burn, oh the heart burn
the constant snapping and cracking that comes from every joint in my body with every step I take
the trying to rotate in bed only to find you can move but your stomach will stay in place
the fatigue
only yoga pants will stay up
maternity shirts quit covering your belly
needing to pee every time you stand up
sleeping with 4 pillows and still not feeling comfortable, or even close to it
shortness of breath
feeling of needing to support your heavy belly
strangers talking to you about your pregnancy
the braxton hicks

As big of a pain it is to be this pregnant, I am trying really hard to enjoy it as much as possible just in case it's the last time I am pregnant. I love feeling him kick and nudge me (when it doesn't hurt).
I love that he wakes up and moves towards Delilah's voice when he hears her.
I love that when ever there is singing he starts dancing (little difficult during church)
I love using him as a table for my water and watching him move the water glass around.
I love how he holds perfectly still whenever his daddy puts his hand on him.
I love how there is no need or way to suck in.
I love sleeping in the middle of the day with no guilt or judgement.
I love eating ice cream in the middle of the day with no guilt or judgement.
Here's to the next few weeks... wish me luck


Lauren and Carter said...

Oh you look so great. I love it. I am sorry about all the uncomfortable-ness...but you have such a good attitude about it. :) I'm so excited to meet (see) him!

Eve said...

You look gorgeous in that deep purple color. I love the second picture, especially.

Just a few more weeks before we find out if he has red hair like Delilah!

VJBlair said...

Oh, Michelle, you sound like you feel exactly like me. Except you can probably still use your hands.

Hopefully these three weeks will go fast for both of us.

Taylor said...

Man I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I saw 36 weeks and was like "Dang! Next week she is fair game and anytime after that!" CRAZY!!

Oh and I really really love what you did with that last picture! Not only is it an adorable picture on it's own, but I love how you changed the colors to stand out on the background!

Oh and sorry for the total commenting frenzy!

Suz said...

Hang in there- those last few weeks are rough!

Anna said...

can't believe you can wear that purple shirt!!! No way could I that pregnant! You look so good. :) are you giving your baby a name???

grandma blair said...

You are so cute, I love your pictures, and the one with Delilah is great too. Such fun