Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution

Last year I fell back in love with goals. Right after High School I would make random goals and try to accomplish them. Like go to bed before 11 every night except Friday and Saturday. Serve every day and journal it. Read scriptures every morning. Go a month with out sugar (that was one of the more serious ones because I made the stipulation it had to be below the fourth ingredient in food. You try it, I could hardly eat anything). One time in China my goal was to sleep on my back. I've always been a stomach/side sleeper and was determined to sleep on my back. Silly goal yes but, I was determined and became a back sleeper. Most of my goals were a month long.
I have a little problem it's like the opposite of OCD I struggle making habits, good or bad. I don't have a daily routine, I don't do anything the same ever.(.. that is until D was born and I realized how much easier it is to be a parent when you have a schedule. So Delilah and I developed a daily schedule for her and when we stray from it she struggles. So she has one but I don't.) I've always wished I had a little OCD in me (just a little) because I really struggle to form good habits, maybe it's called ADD, who knows.
I read something somewhere that it takes 27 days of doing something everyday to make it a habit. So the theory behind my short term goals is that after doing something for a month I am more likely to do it even after the deadline is over because hopefully I've made a habit out of it. I usually try to make the goals very strict for the main month I am doing them so when the month is over it's okay if I slack a little.
Back to 2011, I'm going to try to keep making short term goals 12 to be precise one for each month. Short term goals helped me lose the 29 pounds I lost last year before I got pregnant and you can bet that losing weight is right up there on the top of my resolution list but just small steps at a time. Hence the picture above with the belt, you can expect to see that belt a lot through out the year just probably not until March.
So for January my goal is to keep my bathroom spotless. I have other small personal goals but my main super strict one is going to be to keep my bathroom spotless. I think I'll save run a 5k for another month when I have better control over my bladder and can walk with out a waddle.
If you have chosen to make a resolution this year GOOD LUCK and wish me the same.


Lauren and Carter said...

That is a cute shirt. :) And good luck with your goals! I've never been very good at keeping goals myself. But once again, I'm going to try. :)

red said...

you're awesome.

Anna said...

you look way good. and i too love the shirt
i don't believe in new years resolutions. maybe one day i will. :)

red said...

I'm pretty sure that's the cutest maternity shirt i have ever seen :)

red said...

Yah Anna just loses a bunch of weight for fun. :)