Monday, January 17, 2011

still pregnant...

(Sunday after church, it was an after thought about the black dress against a black door.)
We are to that stage now where I get the sympathetic looks and people saying "still?"
At 37 weeks the doctor told me I had better have my bags packed, so I packed them. I had contractions that entire week and I KNEW I was going to go into labor at any second. I called the doctor office with some complaints and they sent me to the hospital. I knew it was a false alarm and that they would probably send me home, which they did, but it got me even more pumped that this little boy was coming soon. They did an exam and the nurse felt his head when she wasn't expecting to feel it, so they did an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. He's fine just hanging out on a nerve and that was what was (and still is) causing a lot of the pain.
After the trip to the hospital everything stopped. I still have the nerve pain but no contractions AT ALL. It's like he got a taste of the outside world and decided it wasn't for him. I went to the doctor again today and she still thinks that I'm going to go any minute and for saying that I want to slug her in the face, because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ever have this baby.
Saturday night I had a nightmare. Where Miriam, one of my sweetest friends, came up to me and told me "Look, I had a baby and I didn't even know I was pregnant!" In my dream I remember panning down and looking at my belly and wanting to slug this sweet lady right in the face.
See what late pregnancy has done to me! I'm mean, grumpy, swollen, and want to eat everything!! Here's to two more weeks at the most. Oh yah... Michigan won't induce until 41 weeks, cool huh.


Lauren and Carter said...

Oh. Baby, come soon! I'm sorry! If it helps at all, I think you still look fantastic. But that might be another comment that makes you want to slug me in the face. :)

Anna said...

i'm sorry. eat what you want, say what you want and be what you want. only time in your life you get away with it. do it!!!!
sorry baby isn't here.

Mary Lou said...

At least this condition isn't permanent, it has to end soon! You look great.

red said...

You look gorgeous. And when I am 39 weeks pregnant i pretty much hate everyone.