Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toy organizers

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. D's toys have just been put in bins, bags, baskets and on shelfs with no real organization. When she would look for something she would make a HUGE mess. She liked to pull everything out and play with it all at once then 5 minutes later get bored and walk away. I've tried a few different kinds of organizing methods but none that have helped her with cleaning. I can tell her where things go and she'll put it there but she never would do it on her own.
So last week I took advantage of my nesting mode and went and bought a bunch of organizers. I then took all her toys and dumped them in the living room after she had gone to bed and started sorting them so everything had a place to go. When I was done I took a picture of each organizers contents. I then printed off the pictures, laminated them, then taped the picture to the front of the corresponding drawer.
So far Delilah has LOVED cleaning up, and is more willing to clean up what she is doing before getting a new toy out. I can tell her to go put her cars away and she knows right where the cars go, even if the car drawer gets switched with the train drawer because of the pictures.
I have also noticed she plays with her toys more and for longer periods of time now that they are organized. I think before when I had them all in bags and bins she forgot what she had and wouldn't play with certain things because she couldn't see them. Now she will see the potato head container and ask to play with the potato heads or trains or legos or whatever.
So it has been a success and I am so happy to have crossed if off my list of things to do. Let's hope she keeps cleaning up and the bins don't all become "random" drawers.
Above: walmart 11 dollars each
Side note: someone asked a while ago where we found D's bert, ernie, and brobee. We got Bert at, Ernie at a super store out here called Meijer, and Brobee at Barns and Noble.
Above: This is an old organizer we had from a few years ago, I believe I got this from wal mart also.
we got D's kitchen set at a garage sale this summer for 10 bucks. We went to the salvation Army the other day looking for frames and found the matching kitchen Island that goes with it for 8 bucks. If we had the room for it you know I would have bought it. ... stupid small apartment... keep me from getting a matching set...
Above: I got these bins at the dollar store. They break if they are stepped on but who can complain when they were a buck each? Our craft/preschool closet is also full of these bins.
Above: here are the pictures I took for the labels.
I took these pictures just before her nap today and she got confused why I wasn't taking pictures of her. So here are pictures of Delilah (yes she still has her binkie at nap and night time, we are going to kick it soon, and yes she does have food all over her face)
I think she looks silly here, like it's a mug shot or something.


Lauren and Carter said...

um - that's genius! I love it! I also find it hilarious that she felt left out from the picture taking. :)

red said...

Delilah you're ROCKIN' those leggings. Don't try taking the binkie away for a while. Let her have it when you're ignoring her and cleaning the barf off your shirt ;) You're amazing. That's a great idea. I think i will copy that. Their toys are pretty organized but they can never figure out what goes where AND I love that idea for the food. And your 1980's kitchen is freaking AWESOME.

Taylor said...

That's awesome! What a great idea! I'll have to do that too!

Also, I wouldn't mess with the binkie until she's used to her new little brother. It might be a comfort to her. I thought I better give you my advice since I only have one child not even as old as D and because you didn't ask for it! Haha jk!

Suz said...

awesome idea to take pictures of the toys. I would like to do that- someday! And I also love the kitchen set- we had the other part to it when I was growing up. Brought back great memories of playing restaurant.

Mary Lou said...

Wow Michelle I'm quite impressed. Nothing like getting organized to make you feel good and get ready for the big event. I'm impressed with your nesting instincts!

grandma blair said...

that is very impressive, it is fun to see what you do with your lamina tor. I am glad D likes to put things away, that is awesome

Eve said...

Nesting mode! I need some of that over here, please. (can I get the nesting without the baby?)

Looks like people have already said this, but go easy on yourself with the binky. I decided to hold off on it until after Van for fear that she would be jealous of his. Turns out, he didn't take one, and she kept hers for another year. ;) But it was easy to get rid of at that point. It wouldn't have been just a few months earlier, so I am glad we waited.

I don't say it to give you unsolicited advice, just to say that I wouldn't judge you if she kept until for a lot longer! :P

Michelle said...

You guys are funny. Yes we are waiting for after brother gets here to take the binkie away. By soon I guess I meant not really soon.

Betsy said...

Michelle! I am in love with all things organized. Love your great picture idea, so cute.