Friday, February 4, 2011

Freaking Freezing

We got hit by the groundhog day blizzard. It didn't snow as much as they thought it would but it still dumped quite a bit. We got about 10 inches in a day.
Calf deep!! and don't hide it, I know you are jealous of my designer boots and baggy yoga pants.
We were planning on Collin running to the store on Monday night to prepare for the storm but as you know he fell and dislocated his shoulder. So I had to go, and the store was a mad house. There were no bananas, apples, broccoli, fresh or frozen chicken breasts, or Dora yogurt (but I don't think the storm had much to do with that last item). Also it was my first postpartum outing, and the entire time I was there all I was thinking was "No one here knows I had a baby 10 days ago".

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red said...

That's insane. Congrats for your first outing. I always feel like people should tell me how amazing I look the first time I leave the house. Mostly because I can walk again.