Sunday, March 27, 2011

How I do roast beef

Both Collin and I grew up having a Sunday Roast fairly regularly. We don't eat red meat very often in our house but for some reason last time I was at Sam's I was compelled to buy roast. I'm sure it has something to do with me nursing. I know the typical Sunday roast is prepared in the oven say with an onion soup mix and some potatoes and carrots thrown in the pot. As good as that is, I feel like it's almost impossible to not dry out the roast. I know a lot of people like their roast like that but I like a melt in your mouth roast, and this is how I make mine.
It's surprisingly simple, roast, pepper, garlic powder, and salt (oops not shown). I should have seared the outside in a pan but our church is at 9AM, so we are lucky I got it in the crock pot at all.
I basically make a dry rub out of garlic powder and black pepper. This is not a time to be stingy, I cover the entire top of the roast then sprinkle a good amount of salt on it (not nearly as much as pepper and garlic powder though). I add about a half inch of water to the bottom of the crock pot, put the lid on it and set it on high. After about 3-4 hours (depending on the size of your roast) it will be ready to eat sliced. After 4-5 hours (again depending on the size of your roast) it will be ready to shred/melt. This is how we like our roast.

I'm always surprised how delicious it is even though it is so simply seasoned. One thing I like about making a roast this way is that the meat falls away from the fat. I like this for two reasons; 1. Obviously this makes it easy to avoid eating the fat and 2. I would normally trim excess fat off but because I can leave it on the fat keeps the meat moist and you don't lose the flavor that the fat lends to the meat. We shred our roast then put it in fresh tortillas with fresh salsa and cheese. You should try it sometime for your Sunday dinner, although it would be just as delicious served with potatoes and carrots, if you feel a little awkward having a burrito for your big Sunday dinner ;)


Regina said...

I was given this recipe from a friend.

Pulled Pork
2lb beef seared
1 can of Dr Pepper
15-20oz of salsa

Definitely going to be trying yours.

Cindy said...

Sound good! Or if you only have 1 hour instead of 3 or 4, we like to put ours in the pressure cooker and it comes out tender just like the slow cooker :)

red said...

You're so awesome. I have a crock pot at Mom's that I have never used (she has used it like 12 times.) I'll have to call you when I get brave enough to try the roast. Does it taste oniony?

Suz said...

Sounds really close to how I like to do mine- I do the garlic salt and pepper- but I like to add montreal steak seasoning (SO good- really you should try it) also I add a chopped onion on top too. I use the beef for french dip sandwiches or beef enchiladas.
Really easy- Fill flour tortillas with shredded beef, cilantro, and cheese. Place in pan and brush with olive oil. Broil until the enchiladas start to get crispy. Then pour on green enchilada sauce and top with more cheese. Bake until the cheese on top is melted. It's really yummy topped with homemade salsa. :)