Thursday, June 30, 2011

Healthier mac n' cheese

If you ask D what she wants to eat and she says one of two things, mac n' cheese or chicken nuggets. I figured out how to make a healthier version of chicken nuggets but mac n' cheese has been a bit of a struggle for us. I've tried three versions of healthy mac n' cheese
This one from {my favorite}
and a version from this book by Rocco Dispirito
All were delicious but Delilah only wanted Kraft.... seriously babe!!! I gave up for a while then stumbled across a recipe on a blog where you substitute the butter and milk in kraft mac n' cheese with 1/2 a cup of cauliflower puree. It was worth a try and guess what SHE EATS IT!!! Here's how I make my puree, it's the same way I make my vegetable baby food.
Cut up a head of cauliflower into similar sizes and place in a pan with as little water as you feel comfortable putting in. I probably used 2 cups of water for this head.
Once the cauliflower is soft enough a fork goes in and out of it cleanly and easily it's done.

Strain most of the liquid but keep it in case you need to add more when pureeing it. There are vitamins in that water it would be a shame to lose it.
Using a blender or an immersion blender blend up the cauliflower until it is smooth. If it is too dry or clumpy you may need to add more of the reserved cooking water.
For a normal sized box of mac and cheese it's 1/2 a cup of puree.

mix mix mix
And voila! Some not so unhealthy mac and cheese. Collin and I will even eat this it really isn't bad.

I measured out 1/2 cup servings into my silicone muffin tin and froze them so I don't have to constantly be boiling cauliflower.


Le said...

That's awesome! We had mac and cheese for lunch on tues. then went out to dinner that night and the only thing Megan wanted off of the whole menu was Mac and cheese. We will try this.

Lauren and Carter said...

this is genius. You are so cool.