Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 super fast freezer meals

Collin and I have been digging the marinades lately. I love them because they are a low calorie way to get a ton of flavor into your food.
Here's what I did last night to make 5 freezer meals in under a half hour. I bought the big pack of chicken drumsticks and thighs, removed the skin and excess fat then put 2 drumsticks and 2 thighs in each freezer bag. Then I mixed up three different marinades and poured them into the freezer bags. Squeeze out all the air and put them in the freezer. I put them on a cookie sheet so they freeze flat then after they are frozen I can stack them up to save space in my (super small) freezer. The best part is when it's the day to use the meal you just pull it out of the freezer to thaw and as it's thawing it's marinading. Easy peasy!!

Here are the marinades I used:
We normally serve these dishes with rice, salad or a vegetable. Sometimes though I reduce the sauce to a glaze after the chicken is cooked and pour it over unflavored and strained ramen noodles.


Andrea said...

So what method do you use to cook the chicken? Oven? BBQ? This is a great idea.

Michelle said...

Andrea, I bake, broil, grill, or cook in a skillet on the stove :)So basically all of the above will work.

~GINGER~ said...

I didn't realize you could freeze those tortillas that are pictured. I thought it said "do not freeze" on them. How well do they thaw? I'd love to stock up on them when they're on sale. We LOVE them!!