Friday, July 22, 2011

Taiwan 2004

Seven years ago this July I came home from Taiwan and for some reason I have found myself thinking back on it more than normal this month. I think it has to do with this sticky heat wave we are going through right now, it reminds me of the nasty humidity in Taiwan.
I went to teach English but it was much more than just a job.
It was an amazing experience that has changed my life forever. I was only there for six months but they were a life changing six months. I met amazing people, ate interesting food, saw amazing things, and did stupid, fun, once in a life time things (like mopeding through a typhoon-so stupid).
I will never forget the people and experiences I had while I was there... well I hope I don't forget. I do remember that this little boys English name was Darwin and he was a pain in the butt.
It's fun to look back at my younger, single, not a mom life. I mean come on I'm nursing and helping D with stickers as I'm typing this, needless to say I lead a different life now.
I need to write everything down before I forget, maybe I'll do it in blog format since that seems to be the easiest for me, or maybe I'll finally agree to let Collin take us international looking at these pictures has given me a bit of a travel itch.


Anna said...

i'll go with you. I can't even imagine doing life without the brats I love. (as i type Lincoln is yelling "mom mom mom mom mom mom!" and Ruby is climbing all over me with her whiney fake cry. lets start saving and go in two years!!!

red said...

You're so lucky to have had experiences like that. Were you really there for six months? That's crazy. And you're so tiny, it's amazing you didn't blow away in the typhoon. Coming to Utah would be a super fun adventure :)You should try that first :)

Bbells said...

the burberry face mask is priceless.

Luke and Erin said...