Friday, August 19, 2011

Cutting a hair elastic out

D has super silky hair. It's impossible to keep elastics to stay put, with in a few hours her pony/pig tails slowly start to droop. I've started having to use the super cheap rubber elastics for braiding hair. They so far have been the best elastics for us.

The only problem is they are impossible to take out with out Delilah screaming. One day I had my sewing kit near by and grabbed my seam ripper.
It is now the only thing I use to cut out her elastics. It's fast, simple, and I don't cut her hair, win win win.
Now I'm not afraid to do hairstyles like this because I have an easy way to just cut the elastics out. Next thing to work on, getting this stinker to hold still long enough to get a straight part.

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Eve said...

Genius. And I never would've thought of that!