Thursday, August 25, 2011

My life lately

These two have consumed my life, to the point I don't even get to shower alone anymore and my google reader says I have 1000+ to read. I keep thinking how much easier it was with one kid and how hard I thought it was. I love them to DEATH and wouldn't give them up for anything, but sheesh they keep my busy. I have however learned how to nurse while cooking ... was that to much information?


Eve said...

James is getting so big! I hardly recognize him from blog post to blog post. I love that our families are twins. :)

Cindy said...

They are both adorable! It is funny how once you become a mom, you are just consumed by it and never the same. It's overwhelming but great at the same time :) Hope you guys are doing great!

Lauren and Carter said...

I don't think it was TMI, but I did think it was crazy impressive! So yeah, I guess good thing they're cute. ;)